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Will we have to pay for a site visit or survey?

We offer a free survey and estimate service, which is free regardless of whether you choose CR Carpentry or not. We can also give you an estimate price for a project by email,if you can send us basic measurements/ pictures of the window/doors we can give you a ballpark price . A site visit can then be arranged to get a more accurate figure.

Will we need to pay a deposit for the works?

We never take a deposit or upfront payment for the works. In most cases we will only take payment for the slimlite double glazing up front so that we can transfer the funds to the factory and get the order processed. This will be invoiced separately from the rest of the works. You will then be invoiced for the works upon completion of the installation/ draught proofing/ repair and majority of the decoration. We ask that you pay this (preferably by bank transfer) within a few days of completion of this stage and when you are completely happy with the service we have provided. If we have to return to do the final exterior coats on fresh putty, we will always ask you to withhold a percentage of the invoice until we return to put the finishing touches on.(Within 2-3 weeks)

With larger projects (20+ windows) we will often ask that the project be broken up into smaller payment sections, payments will be received only on the work that has been signed off and completed and when you are completely happy with the work .(Excluding final exterior coats on fresh putty)

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

We have full public liability insurance covering all of our workers, employees and subcontractors, giving you piece of mind that you, your family and belongings are covered at every stage of the project.

Employers Liability: £10,000,000
Public Liability: £2,000,000
Products Liability : £2,000,000

At any point from the initial survey to when we are on the job we are always happy to send a copy of our insurance. Also for piece of mind , all of our workers have a fully enhanced CRB Check, as they are required for the projects we have done in various primary schools around London.

Do you offer a Guarantee on your work/ materials?

Here are the Guarantees we offer 

Draught proofing overhaul and new components- 5 years 
Sash and box repairs 3 years 
slimlite double glazing - Manufacturers warranty 10 years- Installation guarantee 5 years. 

* please note all guarantees are subject to windows being well maintained.Ensure that the decoration is kept up with to ensure the timber and components are fully sealed and protected against the elements using a suitable protective paint system. different paints/ timber types and weathering positions. Failing to seal and keep components sealed and protected will invalidate the guarantees. 

* Please follow slimlites directions of maintenance and ensure that the windows are fully sealed at all times, slimlite recommend that checks of the units and ensuring the paint covering the putty and sealing on to the glass are frequently checked and re applied when required. Failing to maintain the putty and paint seal will invalidate any guarantees of the units. 

For more information on the product please visit 


We only offer a recommendation timescale (not a guarantee) for decoration. This will vary dependent on what is being decorated. We recommend that full external decoration to be done within 5 years inland/ 3 years in coastal areas, to most windows and doors - if paint is worn away through wear and tear such as knocks it should be monitored and topped up when required. The position of windows in relation to trees/ direct sunlight exposure, sea breeze can effect paint timescales.

Who will price and plan the job?

At CR Carpentry all of the planning and pricing of the job is done by the Company Director Ben Cooper. If you need to discuss any matters of cost, timescales, or project scheduling, Ben Cooper will either be woking on site with the rest of the team or just a phone call away, so any issues no matter how small can be sorted out painlessly through him. The rest of our craftsmen are always very responsive and experienced in working out any practicalities to make your project less stress full. Any questions you have on the tasks they are workingon, they will be more than happy to talk you through.

Is the price quoted for a fixed price?

The estimate that we give pending a site survey will be near enough at a fixed price. All aspects of the job are itemised and priced, so you know exactly what you are being quoted for. We have pictures and literature on our website to show you how the repairs/ improvements are carried out.

For certain aspects of the job such as the lead required (to counterweight the window when double glazing) will be a variable, but we will quote you the maximum amount that you can expect to pay for this item. Usually in fact this figure comes in a fair bit less than we quote for and you will only pay for the lead required to balance them correctly.

Due to the nature of restoration work we may find that when we remove paint / glass that we may stumble on additional repairs, if this occurs we will address each repair separately and give you options and costs to repair them. It is always our aim to keep our prices as close to the original estimate we have given , and our team will always be on hand to show you the effected area and provide you cost efficient solutions.

How do we schedule/book the work in?

At CR Carpentry we pride ourselves on the accurate timescales we give our clients in terms of our working schedule. Dependent on our schedule we usually book work in about 2 to 5 weeks in advance. But work can be booked in months in advance if required. We do our best to meet our schedule within a couple of days of the required start date. Due to weather conditions sometimes jobs can over run by a day or 2. We will keep you updated as our schedule moves on to keep you as best informed as possible of start and finish date.

In terms of the installation of slimlite double glazing, which takes 2-3 weeks to order, we will always be there to take delivery of the pallet on the date that it is due. The glass may sometimes be unloaded and stored safely on the property, ready for work to commence a few days later.

In our experience in the highly unlikely event that there is any damage to slimlite units before they have got to the job, any replacements required from slimlite will be delivered within a few days of the original delivery date, meaning that even in the worst case scenario, the delay is only by a few days.

Can we speak to a previous client to get a reference for the work?

Client relations are one of the most important and rewarding parts of providing our service. Every job we do our clients come away satisfied with not only our workmanship but also our team, as reliable, polite and courteous people. Both our clients and CR Carpentry are more than happy to provide a number of contacts for you to chat with on the phone or in person to find out how we have done on previous project. We also invite you to read through our testimonials page to get some clients’ reviews of our service.

Do we have to stay in while the work commences?

No. The majority of the time our team is left with keys and alarm codes so that the work can be done while you are at work. The work can be quite noisy, as most building work is so if you are at work / out of the house it works out better for you. However, a lot of our jobs are completed  when the client is in the property, so we are more than used to working around their needs, throughout the job.

Do we have to clear out rooms and move furniture?

It has to be said that it makes our life easier and speeds the job up if the rooms we work in are cleaned out a bit before we start. Our team are happy to move furniture and cover everything up with heavy duty polythene sheeting. Curtains are removed and covered. We will require a bit of space for our tools inside and if rooms can be left sheeted out it speeds up the process but not necessary . Usually at the end of the day the sheets are removed and the rooms are tidied and can be used again in the evening.

What are your working hours/Days?

Dependent on location our working day is usually 8.00-5.00 Monday to Friday. We sometimes work a bit later and on Saturdays if required, but this is dependent on our clients situation.


If you would like a consultation regarding any of your sash window requirements, please call: 0800 092 5569

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